Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

Vibrations, shaking of the steering wheel and/or bodywork while driving

This fault appears when driving, without any action on the brake pedal above speeds of 90 km/h. To fix this issue, DS service will balance the front wheels, check the suspension, driveshafts and hub carriers. In some cases, new driveshafts and hub carriers will be needed. B2AU010CQ0.pdf

Part Numbers:

16 478 571 80 (Front left-hand hub carrier)

16 478 572 80 (Front right-hand hub carrier)

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The front door windows do not fully open and protrude between 10 and 15 mm from the front door frame

This is not an issue. To open the windows fully, press the window down button 4 times consecutively. C5CW011VQ0.pdf

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Blemish visible on the instrument display and/or the DS logo is not displayed

This issue appears when the drivers door is initially opened, or when the ignition is turned off. To fix this, DS service will replace the infotainment display. D5BW0120Q0.pdf

Part Numbers:

98 290 098 80 (Instrument panel with night vision)

98 290 100 80 (Instrument panel without night vision)

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Corrosion of the exhaust outlets

The exhaust outlet heat protectors corrode. To fix this, DS service will apply an anti-corrosion paint to the exhaust outlet heat protectors. B1JW011LQ0.pdf

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The massage function on the drives seat does not work

This fault is caused by a poor connection of the connector on the driver’s seat pneumatic functions ECU. To resolve this fault, DS service will dismantle the seat back and fix the connection. D6AW01AWQ0.pdf

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Presence of misting or water droplets, or water ingress into the headlamps and/or the rear lamps

This problem is caused by the weather (humidity or heavy rain) on both headlamps and/or rear lamps. If there is large amounts of water, then it can be caused by water ingress through the rear ventilation holes on the headlamps/ rear lamps. DS Service will supply new lamps and fit them under warranty. D6AW01DKQ0.pdf

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Poor visibility of the image transmitted by the visual manoeuvring assistance camera and/or the visual reversing assistance camera (180°)

Pixellation and/or degradation of the image definition is possible due to exterior low-visibility. DS service will check the camera is clean. No parts will be replaced. Never DS versions have a higher quality camera, this is not something that DS will replace free of charge. D6AW0189Q0.pdf

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The ambience lighting of the door panels changes colour

This fault is caused by an outdated version of the built-in systems interface (BSI). To fix this issue, DS service will download an updated version of the BSI. D6AW01ATQ0.pdf

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